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SHWE YE PWINT DIAMOND JEWEL HOUSE was established since the year 2000 and the Government granted the required Certificate and duly recognised, so through-out the World serving our clients-need. Diamonds, Myanma Pearls and Mogok natural gems of assorted quality and variety can be acquired in loose form or in modern update designs as finished-product ornaments or jewellery.

Tailor made jewellery can also be ordered to Customer's delight.

SHOP I : No. 182, East Block, Bogyokeaungsan Market, Pabedan Township, Yangon. Myanmar.
Tel: 01-250545 HP: 09-80-32353 / 09-51-93420
SHOP II : 1052, 1053, Ground Floor, Tawwin Centre, Pyay Road, Yangon, Myanmar.
Tel : 8600 111 Ext-1053. H.P : 09-51-91389, 09-51-93420
RES : No.59, Kanbawza Rd., Golden Valley (1) Qr., Bahan Township, Yangon, Myanmar.
Tel: 01-537436 / 01-703376
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